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Community Notice:

All citizen’s,


The purpose of this letter is to advise all citizens of the attempts by con artists to access information from you for illicit financial gain.


The Town of Tuxedo Police, along with many, many other departments, have received complaints from the public concerning what we term as Phishing, or Phishing Expeditions.

Phishing occurs when individuals go “Phishing”, randomly dialing telephone numbers, or accessong informational databases looking for individuals whom may be “tricked” into revealing personal and financial information with which the con artists then use in an attempt to access the victim’s finances, accounts, credit cards or whatever else the thieves can get their hands on. 


Phishing Expeditions may come in many forms.  Phishers may pose as fake IRS AGENTS, falsely stating that the victim did not pay taxes and threatening official government actions, such as arrest and going so far as to state Police Officers are enroute. Phishers may then demand cash, checks or banking account or credit card account numbers in order to cover the “unpaid tax bill”.  Phishers may also pose as Domestic or Foreign Lottery Agents of some type, stating that the victims may have won some type of prize, such as cash, cars or other commodity.  The phishers will then state they are enroute to the victims home with the winnings, however before delivery can take place, the victim must pay some upfront fee.  Phishers will then ask for credit card accounts, bank accounts or whatever information they can in order to con the victim out of finances, stating such payment will cover the cost of the “Winners Fee”.  Phishers will also ask for cash to be sent via some currier such as Western Union.


Phishers may pose as a Utility Company, threatening to turn off gas, water, or some other commodity unless some form of financial consideration is given to them by the victim.  Phishers may pose as landlords, demanding rent, or banks demanding over draft fees and re-imbursement for supposed bounced checks.  Phishers may pose as Police officers, telling the victim that a relative, such as a grandson, was arrested or in an accident, and the victim must forward cash for bail or hospital bills. 


No matter how phishers try to con you, no matter what game they attempt to convince you, or to gain your confidence, never give any information about yourself or any others, never reveal so much as a date of birth nor a telephone number to anyone calling you over the phone.  Never send anyone any cash, never reveal a bank account nor credit card account.


If you feel you may be victimized by con artists or Phishers, or if you are concerned an attempt is being made, please contact us at the Town of Tuxedo Police.


Protection starts with being smart.


Lt. John P Norton

Town of Tuxedo Police

1075 Route 17/ P.O. Box 728

Tuxedo, NY 10987



Fax: 845-351-5111

[email protected]


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1075 Route 17
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If you have an old tattered American Flag please remove it from the pole and it can be brought to the Police Station or Town Hall for proper disposal.