Climate Smart Community Task Force

Welcome to the Climate Smart Community Task Force page!

The Town of Tuxedo has adopted the Climate Smart Community (CSC) pledge and formed a task force that works jointly with the Village of Tuxedo Park CSC. We enthusiastically welcome residents to join us. Together we review the actions required to gain points toward certification as a Climate Smart Community. With certification, the Town can apply for grants for infrastructure projects that will mitigate our own exposure to climate change, contribute to the statewide commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and that will save the Town money in energy costs!

Actions completed for CSC certification also apply to certification as a Clean Energy Community (CEC).

The state agency NYSERDA administers the CEC programs and the DEC administers the CSC programs.

Our joint task force meets on the first Monday of each month at 5:30 via the town’s Webex

Call-in info is:

Access Code: 796 956 205

Also please check the Town’s calendar for special meetings.

 Here are some helpful links:

The CSC program:

 The CEC program: