Welcome to Tuxedo
Please note that the Town Hall is closed on Fridays for 2016



 Effective Tuesday, August 2 2016, The Town of Tuxedo dispatch will be turned over to Orange County 911.

  The old 351-5111 number will still be operational and answered via an automated telephone menu.  The first instruction you will hear when dialing the old number will be “If this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911.”

To report a fire or a need for ambulance services, downed wires or trees, water main breaks, natural gas odors/leaks, nuisance animals and roadway impediments or damage DIAL 911

If you have any kind of emergency DIAL 911

The Tuxedo Police, EMS and Fire Departments will continue to be our first responders and the transition to 911 will be transparent to the citizens of Tuxedo.

If you have any questions, please call Lt. John Norton at 351-5111 during normal weekday business hours. 

 If you need to contact a member of the Police Department for administrative reasons, the 351-5111 system will route your call via the automated menu.