Tuxedo Town Court

Call 845-351-4411 x 3 to reach the Court Clerk for all tickets or any Court matters.

 If you are leaving a payment for a ticket:

  • Put money order or bank check in envelope, Must be EXACT amount.


  • Write your name and phone number and current mailing address on the envelope

  • Place in secure lock box outside town hall main entrance.

  • A receipt will be mailed to you if you are filling out a plea on a ticket.

If you are filling out a plea on a ticket:

  • Fill out part A OR part B.

  • You will receive a court date by mail if you are filling out part B (not guilty).

  • Make sure your current mailing address is listed on the ticket and provide a phone number.

  • Place in lock box outside town hall main entrance.

The Tuxedo Town Court has jurisdiction over all misdemeanors, traffic matters and original jurisdiction over all felonies arising within the borders of the Town of Tuxedo. It also has civil jurisdiction up to $3,000.00 including Small Claims and it handles disputes between Landlords and Tenants (Summary Proceedings). 

Traffic & Parking Infractions (non-criminal): What To Do


Answer your notice by mail BEFORE the summons date. Fill out all required information on the right side of your ticket. Enter your plea - guilty or not guilty - in the appropriate box and mail it back to the address above. 


  1) Not Guilty Plea: You will receive a notice with your Pre-Trial Conference date. 

  2) Guilty Plea: You will receive a fine letter with the amount to pay. 

Accepted Payment Methods


1. Cash at court office (9:00AM-2:30PM). Please bring the exact amount as change is not provided.

2. Credit & Debit cards ARE NOT ACCEPTED



3. Postal Money Order or Certified Check (payable to the Town of Tuxedo Court).


Shawn M. Brown - Justice  Alyse McCathern - Justice

Court Clerk

1 Temple Drive

Tuxedo NY 10987

845.351.4411ext. #3

Fax: 845.351.2018

Email: claires@tuxedogov.org

Court Office is open:

Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM

to 3:00 PM

Money is accepted until 2:30 pm

The Court is in session:

Wednesdays at 9:00 AM

Thursdays at 4:00 PM

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