Town of Tuxedo Consolidation

Citizens of the Town of Tuxedo NY have submitted a valid elector-initiated petition asking for a referendum to add a second village to the town.  The basis for their action was the home rule provisions of the NYS Constitution, the NY Village Law and the New NY Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act. It is a proposed elector-initiated consolidation plan pursuant to statute.

This Petition seeks to incorporate a new Village of Tuxedo extending to the entire borders of the Town, but
excluding the Village of Tuxedo Park which is entirely within the Town. This incorporation will proceed under Article 2,
Incorporation, of the NY Village Law. Immediately, the newly incorporated Village shall be consolidated with the Town
of Tuxedo pursuant to Title 2, Consolidation of Local Government Entities, of the New NY Government Reorganization
and Citizen Empowerment Act. Upon the holding of required public hearings, validation of the Petition, and specified
proceedings, a public referendum will be held on the Combined Petition to approve the consolidated entity. The entire
Town, including Tuxedo Park residents, votes to approve the Consolidation Plan. If approved by majorities in both the
Town outside Tuxedo Park (the incorporation) and the whole Town (the consolidation), the elector-initiated
consolidation plan shall be approved by the Town Board. After further publication, notice, and hearing(s), the
Consolidation Plan, as may be amended, shall take effect, subject to permissive referendum. Thereafter, the newly
consolidated town-village will continue to operate as a town while possessing powers, privileges, and protection
appurtenant to villages. The historic relationship between the Town of Tuxedo and Village of Tuxedo Park shall continue
as it has been.

There will be two questions on the ballot;

QUESTION 1:  All voters in the Town of Tuxedo and the Village of Tuxedo Park answer this question:

Shall the newly incorporated Village of Tuxedo be immediately consolidated with the existing Town of Tuxedo to create the Town-Village of Tuxedo in accordance with the elector-initiated Plan of Consolidation?

QUESTION 2:  Only voters who live in the Town of Tuxedo answer this question:              

Shall the Village of Tuxedo be incorporated pursuant to the elector-initiated Petition?

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