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                                          access code: 796 956 205                                           
Note:  When dialing in, no host code is needed.  Simply press # a second time after you enter the Access Code/Meeting ID         

Guidelines for Virtual Participation in Town of Tuxedo Meetings


Please keep the following in mind during electronic meetings:

  1. The meetings are recorded and may be requested/reviewed later by members of the public. 

  2. The meeting host has the ability to mute participants. It’s important to stay muted when not speaking as the background noise can be overwhelming. In video conference meetings, it’s best to have someone guide the meeting. In our case, the Town Supervisor or his deputy will do this and will be able to share the documents/agenda on their screen. 

  3. Below is listed the typical procedures for joining Town Meetings virtually, as well as troubleshooting tips. 


Joining the Meeting

The image below shows an image closely resembling an email all Board Members will receive with the meeting invitation. Your green box will likely say ‘Join meeting’ and not ‘Start meeting’ like this one does. Click the green box and follow the prompts. If unsuccessful, there is a ‘Join by phone’ option at the bottom of the email, just keep in mind you’ll be a part of the meeting without video. 

Members of the public can access the meeting or provide comment in the following ways:

  1. Send your comments in advance to

  2. You will have the option to join by video or phone. 

    1. You can download the Webex app for your laptop from or on any smart device through your device ‘store’. The application is free to use, however, you must register using a valid email address. 

    2. Please visit our website and click the “connect to Webex” icon at the top of the landing page:

    3. Public comment requires the commentator to provide their name and address before publicly speaking. This can be done prior to the meeting by email us, or during the ‘Public Comment’ portion of the actual meeting.  

    4. All rules typically applicable to public comment will apply. 


You’ll know your camera is working if you can see yourself on the screen; if not, make sure your camera button is ‘on’.  If the button is highlighted ‘red’, this means your camera is temporarily turned off. By clicking the camera button, it should activate by turning ‘green’, then your video should start working. 

Call In

If you are unable to join the meeting visually on a laptop or mobile device, the next easiest way once connected is to dial into the call. After clicking this button, you will be asked to join the meeting via audio only on your laptop or mobile device. You can also call from a landline or cell phone/smart phone using the phone number listed for the meeting on the town website as well as having the Meeting ID. If calling from a landline, please make sure you are in a closed off area away from ‘noise’ and other ‘distractions’ as the feedback from that line may be heard by the group. If you are using a cell phone/smart phone to call in, please make sure you ‘mute’ your microphone unless commenting on the conversation; this will also help to limit audio feedback to the group. 

Public Comments

For the public to make comment, the Supervisor will solicit comments at the appropriate time(s) during the meeting. Just like an in-person meeting, public comment is allowed during designated times ONLY. 


If you need further assistance with participating in these meetings, please contact councilperson David McMillen by email at


Town Supervisor


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