Tuxedo Farms


The purpose of this page is to provide information concerning the proposed Tuxedo Farms development to the residents of Tuxedo and other interested persons.


We will do our best to post up-to-date information and will continue to update documents as they become available.


Note that prior documents related to Tuxedo Farms can be obtained by contacting the Town Clerk and/or Building Department.

Documents (click to download)

Tuxedo LDC Application click on the shaded area for more information

Background information on the LDC Funds

Tuxedo LDC Grant Application


A Direct Link to Tuxedo Farms Special Permit can be found here


EAF and Tech Memo Report can be found here

Tuxedo Farms Local Development Corporation - Request for Proposals (RFP) for Legal and PARIS Compliance Services  

Tuxedo Farms Update April 2015 


Tuxedo Farms Update March 2015 

Tuxedo Farms Overview 

Tuxedo Farms Amendment to Special Permit 


Tuxedo Farms Preliminary Plan


Tuxedo Farms Wastewater Treatment Plant


Tuxedo Farms Local Development Corporation


Tuxedo Farms Special Districts - Park, Sewer, and Water

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