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The purpose of this page is to provide information concerning the proposed Pilgrim Pipeline project that may have significant impact on the Town of Tuxedo. 


As new information, maps, and other official documents become available, they will be posted here for public reference. 


The NYS Assembly has passed the ‘Towns’ Bill we have been working so hard to support this legislative session. We only have a few more days left in the legislative session before we have to start all over again next year. 


We need the State Senate to act! Call the Senate Switchboard 518-455-2800 and urge them to pass S.5139 (Amedore). 


Thank you all!


Press Release from the Office of Assemblyman Skartados


***Press Release***

Assemblyman Skartados’ passes bill
giving towns authority over oil pipelines


Assemblyman Frank Skartados (D-Milton) announced that legislation he authored allowing towns to review proposals to site pipelines within their jurisdictions passed the Assembly (A.2446-A). The bill would fix a disparity in state law that excludes towns from having a direct say in the siting process, an authority which is granted to cities and villages.


“If pipelines are going to be built in and around our communities, we must ensure that the process is as transparent as possible,” Skartados said. “This bill gives towns a say so that environmental and health impacts are properly considered before pipelines are built in our neighborhoods.”


“The Town of Newburgh passed a resolution earlier this week stating our firm support for this bill,” said Newburgh Town Supervisor Gil Piaquadio. “Towns like ours deserve a right to have a say before an oil pipeline can be built through its property - the Pilgrim Pipeline has many of our residents deeply concerned.”


Current law states that pipelines cannot be constructed into or through a village or city unless authorized by the governing body of that municipality, but omits towns. Skartados’ bill would amend that statute to include towns, requiring that the town board of trustees or legislative body pass a resolution in favor of the pipeline before construction can begin. Skartados is hopeful the Senate will pass the measure by the end of the legislative session.


“Pipelines transport dangerous and volatile materials that can wreak havoc in the communities they traverse,” Skartados said. “By bringing all municipalities – towns, villages and cities – to the table in the siting process, representatives can take the necessary precautions with input from residents to protect our communities.”


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Learn more and get involved at https://stoppilgrimpipeline.com/


Click below for information on the most recently scheduled meeting sponsored by CAPPNY to be held at the Tuxedo Train Station.



This link to the DEC page contains information about the Pilgrim Pipeline project and the Scoping Process:



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