- Proposed Sterling Forest Resort -

1) Alvarez & Marsal Presentation 06/18/14 

We are pleased to share with you the presentation made by Alvarez & Marsal at the Town Meeting on June 18th. As noted at the meeting, the presentation and summary numbers are based solely on the analyses of A&M and the consulting team. They do not reflect a business plan, but rather provide relevant information and guidelines to help in the decision-making process. It presents a picture in time and summarizes our work to date; the information will be augmented and refined as the process continues. The financial information presented is an assessment of the market potential of the proposed Resort not an estimate of its expected performance. In addition, the lists of proposed community improvement projects presented constitute a representative list of possible projects. It is by no means definitive. The allocation of funds to specific projects will be determined after a more detailed evaluation process in which projects will be prioritized based on their impact on the majority of the members of our community, with special considerations given to residents of neighborhoods in the immediate vicinity of the proposed Resort.

The information is for consideration only by residents and/or business owners of the Town of Tuxedo who may access the presentation by filling out the following form. Access to the presentation via an access restricted website will be provided within 24 hours of successful verification of Town residency or business ownership. We encourage you to fill out all fields in order to expedite the verification process. Thank you.

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