- Town Board, Officials, and Committees - 

Town of Tuxedo Officials
 Town Clerk Elaine Laurent 845.351.4411 [email protected]
 Deputy Town Clerk     Nina Matthews 845.351.4411 [email protected]
 Assessor & Tax Collector Gregory Stevens       845.351.5602 [email protected]
 Recreation Director Shari Brooks 845.351.2265 [email protected]
 Chief of Police         Patrick Welsh  845.351.5111 [email protected]
 Dog Control Officer Thomas Murphy  845.216.8840 
 Superintendent of Highways Edward Pfizenmaier 845.351.2594  [email protected]
 Deputy Superintendent  Michael Marusich 845.351.5246 [email protected]
 Building Inspector David Maikisch 845.351.4421 [email protected]
 Town Counsel Howard Protter, Esq. 845.778.2121 www.jacobowitz.com
 Town Engineer Stan Puszcz, PE  973.942.0700 www.h2m.com
 Town Planner Bonnie Franson 845.265.4400 [email protected]millerassociates.com 

Town of Tuxedo Board of Directors
 Supervisor Peter Dolan 845.351.2265 [email protected]
 Deputy Supervisor         Lisa Spivak 845.351.2265 [email protected]
 Councilmember     Thomas Darling         845.351.2265   
 Councilmember Clifford Loncar  845.351.2265   
 Councilmember Gary Phelps  845.351.2265