- How Do I Pay a Parking Ticket? - 

Answer your notice by mail BEFORE the summons date. Fill out all required information on the right side of your ticket. Enter your plea - guilty or not guilty - in the appropriate box and mail it back to the address above. 

    1) Not Guilty Plea: You will receive a notice with your Pre-Trial Conference date. 
    2) Guilty Plea: You will receive a fine letter with the amount to pay. 


Make certified checks out to: "The Tuxedo Court"

Acceptable forms of payment: 

      • Cash (EXACT amount only)
      • Money Order
      • Certified Check 
      • Visa
      • Mastercard

Absolutely NO personal checks
Absolutely NO business checks or credit cards

 Requests for adjournment MUST be received at least seven days prior to court date IN WRITING
Requests received six days or less WILL NOT BE APPROVED.

Mailing Address: 

Tuxedo Court
1 Temple Drive
Tuxedo NY 10987

Fax: 845.351.2018

For more information, please visit the Tuxedo Court page.