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Supervisor Update

posted Jun 17, 2014, 12:05 PM by Web Master
Hello Tuxedo,

On January 27, 2014, I was officially sworn in as Town Supervisor along with returning Councilperson Cliff Loncar and presided over my first board meeting. As I stated at the meeting, one of my objectives is to keep the community well informed of the business happenings within our local government. Periodically, I will be sending out a newsletter such as this to highlight pertinent issues that come before the Town Board.

The minutes of the meeting are approved and you will be able to find them here

I want to give you my personal perspective on the meeting for those who were unable to attend, as well as other important matters facing the Town. As you may know, Councilperson Lisa Spivak resigned from the Town Board. I extend heartfelt thanks to Lisa for her many years on the Board and I wish her and her family all the best—although I know that they won’t become strangers. Like many of you, I have known Lisa for several years as a good friend and neighbor.

On February 17, 2014, the Town Board unanimously decided (Councilperson Loncar not in attendance) to appoint Dave McMillen to sit on the Board and will have to run in the general election in November. Dave is a decorated veteran of our Armed Forces, is currently employed by IBM in the area of computer security and he brings a variety of life experiences to the Board. Please join me in congratulating Dave. You can read more about Dave by visiting my supervisor page on our town website

After one month in office, I thought it was important to inform you about a few issues facing Tuxedo. My purpose is not to be alarming or engage in “small town” politics, but to govern with transparency and with the informed consent of the residents.

The New York State Comptroller has listed Tuxedo as a municipality that may become subject to financial stress. Information about the Comptroller’s decision can be found here:

The Comptroller has decided to conduct a full audit of our Town. I will send out a copy of the audit report when it is completed.

It has come to my attention that the Town’s cash reserves will be minimal at best. Although this reduction has served to lower tax increases, it is my intention to run the Town’s finances as I would my family checkbook—that is, to make sure that we have enough cash in the bank for a “rainy day.”

Despite the efforts of our accounting staff, the Town’s finances for 2013 have not been have not been balanced and closed out to date. I assure you that the Town Board and I are working and will continue to work hard on these issues. In addition, we will inform you as more information becomes available on these matters. Should you have a background in finance/municipal finance and are willing to share your expertise, I am forming a Finance Advisory Committee to provide input. Feel free to make an appointment with Shari Brooks to stop by Town Hall and meet with me. Her number is (845) 351-2265. Also, my email address is [email protected].

It is my privilege to serve the Tuxedo community and it is my objective to put the town first with every decision. I welcome any comments or constructive criticisms you may have. This is your town and I am here to serve you.

Best Regards,
Michael Rost
Supervisor, Town of Tuxedo